About Liberatore

We are dedicated to preserving the original working German Shepherd as envisioned by the founder, Max von Stephanitz, who said "German Shepherd breeding is Working Dog breeding, or it is not German Shepherd breeding". All of our dogs display an extreme devotion to their handler, are fiercely loyal to their family, and willing to defend them at all costs. We do not breed any "unusual" or "rare" types of Shepherds, only sound minded, sound bodied Shepherds that are capable of working at the highest possible levels in sport, law enforcement, military, search and rescue, and other working endeavors. High drive to allow them to perform their job all day, every day, yet level headed enough to be able to sleep at your feet at night. Extremely athletic, our dogs are expected to be able to handle any manmade or natural obstacle that may cross their path.

Our kennel is founded on dogs of mostly Czech, Slovak, and DDR lineage as we feel these lines have kept truest to the original Shepherd. Our dogs are imported from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, or directly descended from imported dogs. We realize sport isn't the only test of a working dogs character and ability. Other working endeavors are as good, or better, of a judge of a true working dog. Personal protection dogs, search and rescue dogs, law enforcement K9's, security K9's, and other "untitled" dogsare used in our breeding program if we feel they have the drives, character, and temperament we are looking for in our dogs, and are worthy of passing on these traits to future generations. We will only breed "the best to the best" in order to maintain and improve the working ability of our Shepherds. We don't breed sport dogs, we breed real dogs for the real world, where your life, or someone else's life, may depend on the ability of these dogs to properly do their jobs, no matter what adverse conditions they may encounter.

The kennel itself is situated on 120 acres of land, backed by thousands of acres of pristine forests, and within walking distance of numerous fields and tree growth lots for a variety of tracking and training scenarios. We are also close to the city for urban type training/tracking scenarios, as well as excellent puppy socialization opportunities. Within 20 minutes driving distance to an international airport, Liberatore K9 is ideally located for breeding and training working Shepherds.