Liberatore K9 consultants is the solution for all your department's K9 training requirements. K9 training courses for K9's, handlers and trainers, and consulting services for K9 unit startups, expansions, and restructurings.



Liberatore K9 provides all aspects of K9, handler and trainer training programs. Prepurchase training of K9's, basic handler and K9 courses, advanced courses and trainers programs.


Basic handler courses for single purpose, dual purpose, multi purpose, tracking/trailing, and other areas by request. Handler training includes, but is not limited to, basic canine behavior, line handling skills, canine first aid, obedience, agility, apprehension work (for dual and multi purpose canines), scent theory, tracking, and K9 deployment.

  • Detection training

    • narcotics

    • explosives

    • firearms

    • cell phones

    • electronic devices

    • tobacco products

    • alcoholic products

    • other target odor by special request

  • Tracking/trailing

    • urban hard surface tracking

    • rural tracking

    • evidence recovery area searches

  • Patrol

    • handler protection

    • suspect apprehension

    • control during confrontations

    • building searches

    • area searches for hidden suspect(s)

  • Obedience

    • on lead

    • off lead

    • control in groups

  • Agility


Advanced training requires teams undergo and graduate from basic training to learn fundamentals before more advanced subject matter is introduced. Advanced tactics for patrol work and tracking, as well as specialized training by request. Training includes proper tactics for high risk encounters, proper methods of working within tactical teams, advanced line handling skills for tactical deployments, deploying in chemical munitions, proper tactical deployment of the K9, high risk tactical tracking for hostile persons, proximity alerts, advanced K9 tactics, advanced obedience and agility to include distance control, hand signals, and much more.


Trainer's courses teach potential K9 trainers the skills that they will need in order to be able to train K9 handlers and teams. Lessons include, but are not limited to canine behavior and behavior shaping in a dog, training philosophies, operant and classical conditioning, using all four quadrants to train, markers, motivators and reward options, training tools and their utilization, canine selection processes, properly pairing a canine and handler, bite development and drive utilization, canine olfaction, final behavior, physical conditioning, decoy work – sleeve, suit and muzzle, designing training curricula for classes, leadership skills for successfully training classes, and much more.


Units undergoing strategic changes such as starting K9 from scratch, increasing the size of the unit, or restructuring the unit, benefit from outside assistance. Liberatore K9 consulting services offers services throughout the entire process. Strategy execution, organizational review, implementation support, successful blueprint implementation. Identifying proper personnel for organizational success. Even the best vision is worthless without the proper personnel and execution. Rushing the project, lack of proper timeline, key personnel's lack of knowledge and experience, lack of defined blueprint, will all undermine the success of even the most ambitious program.

Necessary areas for unit improvement include:

  • strategy execution

  • organizational review

  • implementation support

  • review of core personnel

  • blueprint review and design

  • design and develop transition plan strategies

  • risk mitigation

  • organization support throughout the entire process

  • oversight of complete unit restructuring


K9 Unit Solutions

  • Training Programs
    •  Basic Training
    • Advanced Training
    • Trainers Courses
  • Consulting Services
    • Unit Startups
    • Expansions
    • Restructuring